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VGS Pre-order shirt
use the google form in the menu at the left to place order, we well send you invoice to pay

*the minimum we will produce for the show is 12 in a set of 4 of the following sizes: SM,Med, and Large
Unlike our TFund we do for shirts, we will produce the shirts we get orders from even if we don't reach our goal shirts are to be picked up at the show

VGS  T-fund shirt

VGS T fund shirt

The 3rd round has started and will end at March 29th at 11:59pm EST
*we need to have 12 orders so they can be produced
Starting with this round Shirts can be picked up at the show to save on shipping (which is $5.95 if you ship to yourself)

Final round starts on April 8th

VGS Trucker Hat

VGS Trucker hat
(2 colors
Black/White (as shown)

VGS Black Cap

(comes in to two colors
White (as shown )
or Khaki

VGS tote bag

VGS Tote Bag